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We moved into our new place a little over 5 months ago now. Most of our decor has settled in, although the walls are still pretty bare. I'm on the lookout for affordable large-scale artwork which is a challenge to say the least!

Our last place was a vintage condo (a.k.a. built earlier than the 80s in California) situated within mountainous suburbs. I gotta say, moving to a new development after being in an old one feels amazing. No weird quirks to worry about just higher rent, ouch. All that aside, it was also a return to us renting again after owning our place for a couple years. Less responsibility?  Sign me up please!

As I mentioned in the Chinatown-bound post, we finally got the push to move towards Downtown for my husband's work. When searching for our new space it was imperative that it be light and airy since our last place was a cave. One of our favorite features is definitely the tall open windows that allows us to finally care for indoor plants. I'd like to bring more into the space but my green-thumb is still a work in progress. 

Some of our furniture has been with us for a looong time and others are new additions, like our dining table and chairs (all from Wayfair). We've kept that white Ikea organizer for nearly a decade. It's not a vintage credenza mind you, but it's a workhorse and we like taking our time to find reasonably priced stuff. Which brings me to the artwork dilemma: we'd love to have a large piece fill at least one bare wall but it's been a challenge to find a one to call our own. A flea market visit might be in order...

Slowly and surely I'm organizing my office/studio to be comfortable enough for me to stay in it for hours on end. It's almost there....although I'd love to get an indoor tree in here sometime soon. 

That's the tour for now! Our bedroom and bathrooms are still very much in progress but hopefully I'll have something to share soon. 

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