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Now that we're officially moving next weekend, the decor hunt begins! I like to change things up a bit when moving into a new location so that it feels like a proper fresh start. There's no better way to update a space than with a beautiful rug, especially if you're not planning on painting (I've gotten far too lazy for that!) In our new Chinatown abode the dining and living room areas are connected with dark wood flooring and are essentially sharing the same open-space concept - so picking rugs that compliment one another is a must. More than anything I want the space to feel bright and colorful since our previous place was dark and dramatic. I'm inspired by texture and graphic shapes like diamonds and I've narrowed it down to the following combos:

I'm leaning heavily towards Combo #1 as we've never owned an oriental-inspired rug before and I love how the diamond shapes are being shared between each rug style in unique ways. Combo #2 is a close second for it's variety in shape and size. Either way that colorful beauty on the right will be mine because it was love at first sight. Can't wait until these arrive and I can share the results! In the meantime, check the sources below to shop (all are under $300, yay).

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