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Recently, I re-discovered Chinatown by accident. I've lived in Los Angeles my entire life and as a child would visit the Golden Dragon for special occasions. However, I'm a Valley girl through and through, having lived in the SFV (San Fernando Valley for you non-locals) for most of my life and pretty much avoided "the City" as an adult. Then a few months ago my husband got a new job Downtown and suddenly we were going to events on his side of town. It wasn't long before the big city perks seemed appealing compared to our suburban setup. 

A few weeks ago I accidentally took a detour through Chinatown. I instantly appreciated how quiet it seemed next to the hustle and bustle of Downtown proper and could picture us living there. We came back a week later for few apartment showings and were immediately smitten. So... now we're moving to Chinatown next weekend from our suburban town situated near Calabasas. It's exciting and a little scary, considering we'll still have to put our condo on the market. And I'll definitely miss the Santa Monica mountains and open spaces in general but it's time to move on. Stay tuned for many interior design posts to come and new local finds!

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