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Stylish and comfortable seating options are a tricky thing to nail. For one, you don't want too much furniture cluttering your living space but you also need extra chairs/seating for guests to lounge on. There's also the issue of mixing styles together seamlessly...tip: go for classic lines and have a pop of color somewhere. I've had my eye on a few vegan friendly leather-ish lounge chairs for awhile because our cats tear into any fabric (microfiber & velvet included!!) so we need a respite from tattered furniture. So far leather-like materials are completely ignored by them, that is, until they read this post and realize how much we value them.

We already have the color down with our pink armchair, so our next chair should be a classic addition. I'm not a fan of spending gobs of money to add style to your home, so I mainly sourced my picks from Wayfair and AllModern, although I understand that some folks want a sturdier piece - so I found similar styles at West Elm and Urban Outfitters for double the cost. The choice is yours! Here are my top choices all under $300:


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