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Onomie prides itself on bridging the gap between skincare and makeup. For ladies who like to keep it simple, this approach gets us. It also happens to look quite beautiful thanks to their minimalist branding. I was lucky to receive their complete complexion trio courtesy of a sweet gal-pal and was instantly smitten with the Onomie experience. 

For one, the extra effort they make with packaging and printed cards, allows you to get to know the brand's values right off the bat. Feminine, powerful and stylish. Second, their offerings are solid. From the priming serum that leaves your face hydrated and dewy to their "Aced It" pocket mirror that solves all the problems you've ever had with compact mirrors. I'm still working my way through the eye treatment and need one of those blending sponges to call my own, but it's safe to say that I'm a fan.

Ah, that lovely feeling when branding is done right...and let's not ignore that adorable composition book. 

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