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Whether you love marble or have grown tired of it's overuse, it's fair to say that a colorful alternative would be welcome. Max Lamb's Marmoreal is engineered from four Veronese marbles and strives to create a final product that's more impactful than the sum of its parts. Produced by Dzek beginning in 2014, it's getting its fair share of the marble spotlight these days with a prominent feature in Overose's latest campaign and can be purchased as marble cutting boards via Makers & Brothers. Additionally, it's use in interiors can't go unnoticed. The material can easily be transformed into tables, chairs and cover floor-to-ceiling surfaces for a seriously impressive space. I personally love its use with wood, as it softens some of the colorful chaos and becomes somewhat restrained. Thanks to Max Lamb's extensive documentation it's also possible to see how the materials originated. 

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